Chodan Rizan Pishro Company was founded under the management of Mr. Seyed Ali Bagheri in the early 1390



Chodan Rizan Pishro Company was founded under the management of Mr. Seyed Ali Bagheri in the early 1390 (February 2011) based on several years of previous experience. Mr. Bagheri has had the honor of apprenticeship with the late Haj Ali Mohammad Hayyati. An impressive record in management in scaffolding business and commencement of casting companies and promoting them to international status can be mentioned as two of many achievements of the company’s management. Making use of hi-tech machinery including induction furnaces, shot blasting machines, automatic press machines, 5-ton overhead cranes and 60-ton electronic weighbridge and a laboratory equipped with quantometer are among the company’s steps toward such goals as quality improvement, price control, and assignment of subsidiaries.
The 12-year experience and the technical knowhow of this trading/manufacturing company in the field of design and manufacture of Scaffold fasteners has resulted in the gradual development of servicing processes and their standardization based on the Company's customer needs.
Providing comprehensive services including packing and codification (enumeration) of products based on the ISO, fully free of charge delivery along with the high knowledge and experience of our commercial and technical teams as well as supplying high quality professional products has led to a boost in the cooperation between the company and the actors in the field of scaffolding.
A number of most successful figures and firms active in the field of export, distribution and usage of scaffold products are among Chodan Rizan's customers.
Customer confidence and the good reputation of  Chodan Rizan Pishro are viewed as the greatest assets of the company. Providing for customer satisfaction through diversification of sale strategies and true after-sale services are the greatest achievements of the company in its past 12-year activity.
Meanwhile, as the best and most professional strategy for a wonderful and planned purchase, a pricing periodic table and fully free delivery to all parts of the country have just been introduced as new services from the commercial division of Chodan Rizan Pishro.
Totally free delivery of perfect quality products at great prices with an immediate interest of  10/000/000 to 50/000/000 Rials is only a part of the services provided to you vis-a-vis your cash payment at the time of ordering.
Backed by our committed and determined personnel and their hard work, we will do our best to serve you and the industry.